Dear Duchess: Travel During Holidays

Dear Duchess,

So I’ve been trying to plan a vacation over the Easter Holiday. One that’s filled with sand and sun. However I’m traveling solo and it seems so expensive. Any tips or suggestions on how to travel inexpensively during a holiday?



Dear Theressa,

Traveling during certain holidays can actually be beneficial to your wallet. In fact, last year we took an amazing trip to Panama on Easter weekend and got great deals on our flights and hotel. Easter is a religious holiday and if you choose a place that recognizes Easter and partially shuts down on Good Friday, like Panama, you may be in luck.

Here’s an awesome way to choose a location. Go to and put in your departing location and month. In your case, flying from NYC in April yielded the following results:

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 12.07.07 PM

At quick glance, you can go to Curacao, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Trinidad for under $300 in April. To get more specific with your dates, head over to For the example below I’ve used the dates April 2-6th and entered NYC to Everywhere. Here are the results:

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 12.15.57 PM


Your options for “sand and sun” are Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Mexico and Puerto Rico for under $400. My suggestion is to play around with the dates, you should be able to get prices a little lower.

For lodging, I’d try my hand at Airbnb, where you can rent homes, apartments, condos or rooms from local hosts. This is usually helpful for solo travelers because it’s cheaper and the hosts can also provide you with valuable information about the place you are visiting. If you don’t need extreme luxury, I’d also look into hostels.  Staying at a hostel is a great way for solo travelers to link up with others and explore together. Check out

Lastly, if you want a bit of luxury on a budget, try bidding for a room on Priceline. Put in your budget and give the wheel a spin. You won’t know what hotel you’re staying at until your bid is accepted, but if you bid for a four star that’s what you’ll get!

Enjoy your Easter vacation!

Keep Traveling,