Dear Duchess: Villa with a Personal Chef Please!

Dear Duchess,

What are your thoughts on rental homes/villas for large groups with a chef?



Dear Rashonda,

I’m all for renting out a villa and having a personal chef spoil you and your friends! However, I have to stay true to my budgeting, so here are a few ways to do it the duchess way.

First, get a group together that you can rely on and will split the bill with you. A villa that goes for 1200/night with chef included, split by 10 people is only $120 per person/per night. Meals and lodging all inclusive makes that a pretty good deal. The hard part is finding something at that cost or lower. I recommend first taking a look at Flipkey, specifically because they’ve taken the work out of it for you and have a section dedicated to villas with personal chefs.

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If Flipkey is out of your price range, try to ‘piece meal’ your group trip together on your own. Rent out a property from Airbnb or VRBO, then try to look for a chef on the world wide web. Make sure that chef is local and that they can commute to your rental property. If you are staying  stateside or Canada, then you can use KitchenSurfing or Hire A Chef. Also, don’t thumb your nose at Craig’s List, it’s actually a great resource for finding those looking for work. For chefs out of the country, ask your property manager or Airbnb hosts for referrals. If they are renting out a villa, chances are they have a contact for everything, including a personal chef.

Renting a huge home and balling out of control is tops on my list, just make sure you do it on a budget!


Keep Traveling,

Deal Duchess