My Budget International Bachelorette Party!

As the Deal Duchess, I try to do everything frugally but I don’t skimp on fun, elegance or quality. So when it came down to my bachelorette party, we knew it was going to be fancy…ON A BUDGET!

One day I was browsing the interwebs and a fare from LAX to CPH popped up for $193. That’s Copenhagen for under 200 RT! We can’t even get to Oakland for $200. In fact, that’s a month worth of Starbucks for some people I know. I posted the fare on the Deal Duchess Facebook page and my amazing friends started chiming in. Before I knew it, we had turned a mistake fare into a hashtag….#ScandinavianBachelorette.

Five of my closest friends and I, booked a trip to Denmark to celebrate my impending nuptials. Next up, was finding housing. My friends know that I like to live like a local when I travel and AIRBNB is the easiest way to make that happen. We were able to rent a cool condo, close to the train, for under $200 per person, for a week.

Now Denmark can be rather expensive, so eating out and partying could prove to be quite pricey. However, a group of beautiful women, flanked by a veil wearing bride-to-be, proved to be a surefire way of getting free stuff! Thankfully, the clubs, bars and restaurants comped our drinks and bottle service. So the next time I go back to Copenhagen, I’m donning that veil and glow in the dark ring for sure!

We even took a quick trip to Malmo, Sweden via train for $24RT.

Pricetag for a 5-Day trip to Denmark & Sweden: Under $600!


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