Turks and Caicos is EXPENSIVE But Don’t Let That Stop You!

Turks and Caicos is an absolutely beautiful group of islands with the most crystal clear water. With that said, boy is it pricey! From accommodations to food, the prices are high. Unfortunately, T&C islands imports the majority of their goods, causing the prices for everything to skyrocket. I’ve got a few tips to make your trip to Turks and Caicos a bit more affordable.

1. Go in the Off-season.

Many hotels and restaurants start opening back up at the end of October. This is the perfect time to go because lodging is cheaper and less full. You’ll probably get an upgrade!

2. Grocery Shopping Is Key.

Turks and Caicos is not known for it’s amazing food, so to save a few dollars head to the Graceway grocery store and stock up on food for your stay. If you really want to avoid the sticker shock at the grocer (see pic below), bring your own goods from home! Make sure you check the customs restrictions first.

3. Ask a Local.

Often times, prices for local residents and prices for tourists are completely different. Don’t be afraid to chat up a resident and find the ins and outs. They are full of valuable information. When you’re on the beach, ask the attendants how they get around and where they go to eat for an authentic experience.

4. Walk it Out.

Transportation costs can add up. So get your walking shoes on and enjoy the view. Taxis and rental cars(they drive on the left side) can be pricey. Stay in Grace Bay, central to shops, restaurants and the beach and it’s all accessible by foot.