All Aboard the Tequila Train!

I finally did it! After years of thinking about it, I finally booked the tequila train and it was worth EVERY PENNY!

The Herradura Express aka Tequila Train boards in Guadalajara and takes you about 2 hours to the Herradura hacienda in Amitatan, Jalisco. We opted for the Express Club Car, which includes a train car with a bar, unlimited drinks, a tour and a 3 course meal. While aboard, you are treated to endless tequila!!!! We boarded the train in Guadalajara at about 11am and were given the rundown and immediately treated with muffins and our first drink. The first drink was a cucumber/yogurt like drink… I know…sounds weird but it was amazing. It was to coat our stomach and prepare us for the never ending flow of drinks. Soon after, we were given drink after drink with unique ingredients that you would NEVER think to mix with tequila.

We finally wanted to test out whether it was a REAL open bar, so we asked for the TOP SHELF Herradura Seleccion….Extra Añejo. Sure enough, glass after glass was given to us at our request.

Two hours later, we were at the Hacienda and treated to a tour of the premises, a beautiful ranch where many workers live. We were taken through the distillery process and allowed to taste the agave.



Blah, blah, blah…that was fun but let’s get back to what we really came for TEQUILA TASTING! We went to the tasting room and had 3 different types of tequila. The Ultra, Seleccion Suprema and Directo de Alambique. WATCH OUT FOR THESE. That muffin had worn off and I could definitely feel the effects of these drinks.

OF COURSE THERE WAS FOOD, but I have to warn you, if you’re a vegetarian, don’t get excited about the food. If you are in the club cars, you will enjoy a 3 course meal. Everyone was entertained by a mariachi band and traditional dancers during lunch. Check out the menu below to get an idea of what was served. Oh and MORE TEQUILA was flowing throughout lunch!

On the ride back to the train station in Guadalajara, we enjoyed MORE ENDLESS TEQUILA, played games and relaxed. We got back to the station about 7pm and started contemplating our next ride on the Herradura Express! Who’s coming with us next time?!




1. First Class flight to Guadalajara: $224RT (SALE FARE)

2.Hotel in Guadalajara: $80/night(Hotwire…Regular $500/night but there are plenty of CHEAP & Nice hotels in GDL)

3.UBER 2-4 miles: $1-3USD

4. Express Club Car – Herradura Express: 2800MXP or $146USD(There are cheaper options)