Staying In A Bubble During The Pandemic

There is absolutely no doubt that 2020 has been full of twists and turns. For many of us, the pandemic has thrown a huge wrench in our travel plans. After sheltering in place for nearly 5 months, I decided to take a drive back down to Valle de Guadelupe to celebrate my birthday.

The Valle aka Mexican Wine Country has taken great hits due to COVID 19 and has been opening back up slowly but surely. I’ve been eyeing the Bubble Hotel for quite some time and planned to rent out the entire space for my friends and family…BUT PANDEMIC! Soooo, on a whim, I decided to go and celebrate anyway. I mean where else should one shelter in place from a fast spreading virus other than a BUBBLE?

The Valle is about a 90 minute drive from the border(San Diego, CA) and the Bubble hotel is located on a dusty road off of the main throughway. Campera Hotel Burbuja consists of 12 fully equipped bubble hotel rooms. 2 of the rooms come with a private jacuzzi but unfortunately they were booked so I can’t tell you anything about that experience. Womp womp! The hotel is completely secure and only guests with reservations may enter the premises. The concierge will greet you and take you to your bubble to explain how to enter and and exit. It’s not as easy as opening and closing the bubble…it’s a process…but it’s super easy. Follow the directions or your bubble will deflate.

Our bubble had a great bathroom with overhead shower, toilet and vanity that is separated by a “zipped up bubble door”, so you can handle your business in peace! 

 Here are my HOWS & MUSTS when going to Valle de Guadelupe and staying at Hotel Burbuja:


1. Book Early on AirBNB…AND Use My Code

Save up to $65 on your first stay! 

2. Rent a Car or Hire a Driver

The rocky roads are killer on your car…a small SUV will do the trick!

3. Make A Reservation for the Hotel Restaurant…DOCE!

The 5 course meal was the best I’ve had in the Valle! 

4. Have Your Very Own Light Show!

Turn on some great music, grab the remote and set your lights to the mood you’re in. 

5. Perfect Place For A Photo Shoot.

The grounds are a beautiful and so are you, so get out there and pose!